Bundle 52 - an image for each week of the year

Let's kick start your social media presence with 'Bundle 52' - branded imagery specific for your business.

5/25/2021 2 min read

Blank canvas, mental block, tight timings... sometimes inspiration simply doesn't come your way - no matter how many shots of caffeine you take! Bundle 52® is a bag of images for you can delve into during those times of parched creativity. Bundle 52® is a useful collection of images that you can simply dive into when time is tight and inspiration short. The 52 images (one for each week of the year) will have been branded and chosen with your business in mind - tailor-made images that are consistent with the look and feel of your brand; in the right tone of voice and totally appropriate for your target market. 

Depending on how ferociously you would like to promote yourself on social media, these images are a quick go-to resource, pre-prepared and ready to use. They can be used in addition to your more frequent posts, or simply used as a steady and regular trickle of weekly social media feeds. 

Bundle 52® is there for your convenience. It is a stop gap option before having to outsource or fully employ staff to cover your yearly social media coverage. Perhaps you are not confident in your secretary's uploads, perhaps you don't have the headspace or time to consider social media coverage, perhaps you know you should be on social media, but you're not quite sure how to tackle it. Order a Bundle 52® through Mary Till Design today and the pressure will be removed. No more panics as to what to post, no more quick google scrambles to find a topical subjects to allude towards, and no more last minute uploads of ill-considered material.

Bundle 52® is there for you to relax about your social media presence and simply crack on with your job.

How to order a Bundle 52®

1. Inform Mary Till of your business, target market and any brand typefaces and guidelines that your business has.

2. Mention any specific events or seasonal information in a year that is relevant to your business.

3. Mary will collect, find, research and pull together a selection of images that she views suitable for your business.

4. Mary will then design the images by photo manipulating them, applying suitable text and brand colours to make them look interesting, engaging and relevant for your target market.

5. You will receive a bundle of 52 images at the correct pixel size that you will be able to simply upload at a click of a button. They will be organised into folders where she sees fit - making sure that you understand how best to upload them.

Prices will vary from business to business - contact Mary now to discuss your Bundle 52®.

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